President’s Address

A warm welcome to all. DMICTA aims at bridging the technological divide that is faced by researchers and engineers alike globally. Technological divides may be regarded in three separate perspectives. In the first case, the divide exists among users living in different parts of the world. Bridging the gap between developing countries and developed countries significantly increases access to potential researchers with regard to knowledge sharing, and dissemination of ideas. In the second case, it exists as unequal opportunities within the fields of ICT research in countries due to the lack of facilities as well as physical distance, between the centre of activity and the researcher resulting in exclusion from networking and information sharing. The third case, which is DMICTA's primary goal, is to provide opportunities for researchers to express their views, to communicate with their peers and to work with facilities otherwise unavailable.

I invite you to join DMICTA, a platform for young minds and researchers to work on their research objectives, interact and network with other members and join our various skill enhancement opportunities. I end with the inspirational quote by the late Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam “All of us do not have equal talent. But, all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talents.”

Prof. B. Madhusudhanan, ME., Ph. D.
President, DMICTA


DMICTA is a body of dedicated entities who firmly believe in the role of Information and Communications Technologies in the advancement and improvement of the daily lives of people all over the world. DMICTA brings together experts in various domains, providing a forum for cross-disciplinary research in several fields. Collaboration with the industrial, academic as well as research sectors across the world is useful in innovating and implementing knowledge in real world scenarios with practical value. To this end, DMICTA provides support to researchers at the grassroots level by providing free access to their research test beds in the area of Wireless Networks, Cloud, Big Data Analytics and Internet of Things. DMICTA offers free training to use their test beds to all selected researchers to jumpstart and implement their ideas with minimal learning curve. DMICTA also offers professional enhancement, research and technology transfers, Conferences and patent consultancy.

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